Westsail 32

Things are good. The trip is over now. We made it down to Puerto Vallarta … All told it took me 25 days to get back. 17 days of that was underway. I was going to try the clipper route back from Cabo but after almost 200 miles my heading started to dip more south so I decided to head back in stopping at Scorpion, Turtle Bay and Ensenada. Last trip we motored home in fairly calm seas. This time I got to experience the Baja Bash. The boat took a couple hits but it got me back. The electric motor worked great.

I primarily used it in the harbors (Cabo and Puerto Vallarta), fuel docks and anchoring but also while motoring around chasing whales in Banderas bay and Cabo. The other time I found it useful is as the wind started to lighten up or cease. I’d assist for a while until the wind made a decision. Basically I felt like I was adding longevity to my diesel by only starting it when I was going to run it for a while. Very happy with the motor. Thanks.

Some things I need to check. The band makes a little more noise than in the beginning. Like a humming noise. I suspect the alignment is off because my left rear motor mount came loose. Also the high charging rate off the motor would sometime fix itself. For the majority of the trip I just kept an eye on it and shut it down before it got too high. Thanks for checking in. Talk to you soon.


A white boat with sails is in the water.

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